Richie Cole Ballads Quartet on the Saturday Light Brigade radio program 10/15/16

On October 15, 2016, The Richie Cole Plays Ballads & Love Songs quartet performed on the syndicated public radio program The Saturday Light Brigade with long time host Larry Berger.    You can listen to the program here:  Special thanks to Chad Green for the great mix.  And for those wondering why I played electric bass instead of my customary, and probably more appropriate, double bass, we had about 2 minutes to set up the entire band.  It's hard enough to mic a double bass under the best of circumstances and having played the show before, I figured it would make life easier for everyone if I brought something I could just plug in and go.   

 From left to right: Eric Susoeff, Richie Cole, Mark Perna, Vince Taglieri and Larry Berger
Eric Susoeff
Vince Taglieri
From Left to Right: Vince Taglieri, Mark Perna, Richie Cole, Eric Susoeff
Mark Perna and Richie Cole

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