Recording Update posted August 30, 2016

We are just about done with the album cover for Richie Cole Plays Ballads & Love Songs.  It should be going to Disc Makers in short order.  I'll post the artwork here as soon as we have everything finalized.  The cover design was by Jenny Wilson and Jim Barr did the actually setting.  He realized her original vision with just a couple of minor modifications.  I don't want to understate how much work he put into getting the cover to look the way it does.   It was a tremendous effort.  

Jim Barr has been laboring over the first two (of 7) Don Aliquo CD covers.  He came up with a design that will allow each individual CD to have it's own design but if you have the whole set of 7, it will be clear that each CD is part of a set.  I'll post the artwork for these discs as soon as the design is completed.  We should have these sent to Disc Makers in short order as well.

As soon as we are done with three CDs above, we have to complete the the artwork for next two Don Aliquo CDs, the artwork for the first Richie Cole Pittsburgh Alto Madness Orchestra CD entitled "The Many Minds of Richie Cole" and we're going to get to work on the artwork for the first new Perna, Sakash, Susoeff & Wendt CD in 10 years.   The latter was recording in early August (see blog post below).  

We have a bunch of recordings in the pipeline including recordings with Peter King, Samantha St. John and Jenny Wilson that are in various states of completion and a bunch of stuff that in the planning stage.  We'll have a second Richie Cole Pittsburgh Alto Madness Orchestra CD out before Summer 2017 and we have plans to take that band back into the studio soon to record even more new Richie Cole arrangements.  He's been writing feverishly for that past few months.  And I, for one, can't wait to play them.